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Editorial review

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Margie Smeer Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 9.0
Zoom Player is a feature-rich and powerful tool that lets you play a very large number of video and audio file formats, including MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, ASF, RMVB, FLIC, OGM, WebM, OGV, VOB, FLV, 3GP, MP4, and many more.
High-definition video files are also supported. Furthermore, it lets you load and play DVDs, listen to the streams of online radio stations, or view graphic files.

Zoom Player is a comprehensive application that supports all the important features and functions that one would expect a media player to include. It allows creating and managing playlists, it contains an audio equalizer, it sports deinterlacing and filtering options, it includes support for bookmarks and play history, and many other more. It also allows you to change video parameters like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, etc. while the video is playing. The radio station manager is handy if you want to connect to online radios and listen to their broadcasts.

Though it’s feature-rich, Zoom Player is also easy to use. Its neat and straightforward interface will pose no problems even to complete beginners.

To sum it all up, though not very popular or impressive, Zoom Player is still a decent choice for anyone looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use media player.


  • Easy to use.
  • Supports a lot of formats.
  • Can play radio streams.


  • Adware-like behaviour (attempts to install additional software which are not needed for its functioning).

What's new in version 10.1 beta

-The 'Navigation Style' fullscreen navigation interface can now be used to switch between background patterns on skins that allow you to set a custom background pattern.
- Features that highlight a portion of the timeline (AB-Repeat, creating ring tones, etc) now show position markers for the start and end points as well as the duration of the highlighted range.
- New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Settings) that controls whether the media library lists content that matches a category type or shows the content based on the media library filter.
The new default is to only show content based on the media library category type. To restore the previous default, uncheck this setting.
- New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Control Bar / Timeline Area) that determine if timeline markers are shown with features that highlight a portion of the timeline
- New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface) to force the Playlist editor to remain on-top when switching to fullscreen mode.
- New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface) to force the Equalizer to remain on-top when switching to fullscreen mode.
- New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / On Screen Display / Tags) to use the folder/embedded image as a stretched and darkened background for the image itself. Enabled by default.
- Volume widgets now show the volume percentage as a hint when hovering over with the mouse cursor.
- The "Options / About" page will now specify if your copy of Zoom Player is a life time (free upgrades for life) license.
- The internal image decoder now supports GIF decoding (onlu still images, does not supported animated GIF files).
- When viewing the main fullscreen navigation interface in grid mode, the description could appear as "???" when using a non-English language pack.
- The media library fullscreen navigation interface did not highlight previously seen image files when the setting to 'Highlight previously viewed files' was enabled.
- The keyboard macro list and right-click context menu file were not updated to the latest version in the original v10.0.0 release.
- Maximizing and then Minimizing the main player window lost the maximized window state and non-maximized window size.
- Playing a new video with MadVR set as the video renderer while the player window was in a maximized state lost the maximized window state and non-maximized window size.
- Using a functions that shows a file open/save dialog and keeping the dialog window open until the internal screen saver started, caused the user interface to become unresponsive.
- Fixed a small memory leak.

Publisher's description

This official description applies to version 9.5

Zoom Player lets you play video and audio files of various formats. It has a Media Center navigation interface with easy to use (Up/Down/Left/Right/Select) controls. Media library can be used to sort files into different categories. This program remembers the last-played position of a media file - a feature similar to Windows Media Player.

Latest comments

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    Guest 9 months ago

    This application contains adware ESET-NOD32 a variant of Win32/OpenCandy.A.

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      Nordine Bjerke 9 months ago

      Dear User! Thank you for the report, Software Informer's in-built antivirus check also detected that Zoom Player includes suspicious elements. You can find the antivirus report on the download page.

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    RJ 5 years ago

    "We have used ECA for 5 years with much success. When ECA 5.0 was introduced, I was very interested to see the upgrade and the features that had been added. One of my favorite new features in 5.0 is the ability to copy previously configured grade settings. This saves time from not having to enter each set individually. Now you can copy and make minor changes as needed.
    Another benefit of 5.0 is the Save to PDF option. It is so much easier now to send the reports electronically or post them on the shared drive.
    ECA is a very user-friendly program. However, occasionally, there may be a situation that requires tech support from the company. I experienced such a circumstance recently and was exceedingly satisfied with the amount of support I received. I am still in contact with the company as they work to continually make improvements for the benefit of the users.
    I highly recommend ECA for creating your class lists. We have over 1800 students and I cannot imagine completing the task without ECA! It's a must have program for every elementary school!"
    Susanna Zumbro, Technology Coordinator
    Hopkins Elementary, Lilburn,GA

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    Guest 5 years ago